Support Groups

Group therapy can be an extremely powerful tool in one’s healing journey. Some of the unique benefits of group therapy may include:

-Connecting with others who have undergone a similar experience; feeling less isolated and alone.

-Building relationships that are supportive of your healing process.

-Hearing alternative perspectives on your situation; benefiting from the wisdom of others.

-Learning how to manage conflict and interpersonal differences in a healthy and productive way.

-Gaining insight into your interpersonal habits and patterns.

The groups I run vary in terms of structure. Some are ongoing and others are for a specific length of time. They may be highly structured, more fluid, or somewhere in between, depending on the group and client preferences. Below are a list of groups I run currently. To learn more about if any of these groups are right for you, please call and schedule a free consultation. If there are groups you would like to see in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me with these suggestions!

Abortion Support Groups.

Regardless of if your decision was the best possible one, almost everyone who experiences an abortion can feel loss–loss over a lost possibility, an alternate life path. I invite you to process your experience while finding serenity in honoring the path you are on now with others who have undergone similar experiences.

This group meets once a week for 8 weeks, and aims to help its participants in processing the effects of their abortions. Themes explored include: the feminist perspective, feelings of guilt/shame, relationships, spirituality, grief/loss, and forgiveness. This is not a religious based group. However, if religion or spirituality play a role in your post-abortion process, they are certainly welcome. Those interested in those support group are encouraged to attend the “Honoring your sadness, honoring your choice” workshop as an introduction.

Please call or email my office for information on the next start-date, or to add yourself to the waitlist.


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