Embodied Pregnancy Coaching

upWhether you are considering having a child or are well into the journey of pregnancy, congratulations!

Being in the thick of this exciting life passage is likely to bring incredibly emotional, spiritual, and existential issues into focus. You are not only creating a family; you are planning (or at the very least, envisioning) the essence of your life: your dreams, your purpose, your soul’s mission.

You are figuring out how all the pieces of your time on this planet fit together.

This is why even the most conscious individuals and couples seek coaching while taking the leap of faith into parenting.

Embodied pregnancy coaching can act as a guiding force during this rich and intense time in life. Here are just some of the reasons people seek pregnancy coaching:

–         Helping to figure out if you want a family, and if now is the right time

–         Figuring out how parenting fits into the rest of your life’s vision

–         Developing and strengthening communication between partners so that you feel “on the same page” and feel comfortable working through the inevitable hiccups that will occur

–         Finding ways to spiritually welcome a new person into the world

–         Strengthening a feeling of groundedness in a storm of unknowns

–         Guidance in building a support system and self-care plan so that unexpected emotions during pregnancy and after birth are easier to manage

–         Feeling more present and connected to the meaning of this time in life

–         Beginning your relationship with your baby, even before he/she is born

–         Help with parenting basics, financial planning, and career decisions

Embodied pregnancy coaching places heavy emphasis on moving into this sacred time in a manner that feels fulfilling and aligned with your purpose, spirituality, creativity, and passion. Coaching can be done in person (in Boulder, Colorado), on the phone, or via Skype from anywhere in the world. You are welcome to attend coaching on your own, with your partner, or a combination of both. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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Rachael Uris, MA, LPC is the owner of Atacama Counseling, LLC, offering sex therapy as well as individual and couple's counseling for issues surrounding sexuality, love, and pregnancy. All services are located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, and are provided in English and Spanish.
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