Free Mindfulness Exercises

Below are several free guided mindfulness exercises I use frequently in sessions with clients. I have made these videos to help clients and others practice mindfulness at home. Please feel free to use these and share them with others who may benefit from them! For more information on how to use these videos or on mindfulness in general, please feel free to contact me.

Safe Place

This is an exercise that can be done on a regular basis and can be very helpful for working with fear and panic. It is especially recommended for trauma survivors as a helpful tool to regulate intense emotions.

Body Scan

This video leads you through a basic mindfulness scan of the body, and can help build awareness and acceptance of the present moment. NOTE: THIS EXERCISE CAN BE SLIGHTLY UNCOMFORTABLE. IF THIS DISCOMFORT BECOMES SEVERE OR INTOLERABLE IN TERMS OF PRODUCING ANXIETY, DISCONTINUE IMMEDIATELY.

The Raisin

This is exercise is an enjoyable mindfulness practice. You will need a raisin or other small food object.

The Flower

This is another enjoyable mindfulness exercises that helps to engage and explore the five senses. You will need a cut flower.

The Meadow

This exercise helps to work with thoughts and can be helpful to those who have depression or a racing mind.



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