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boulder-premarital-counselingWho we are in intimate relationships and how we relate to our sexuality are natural, intuitive, creative processes; they are deeply meaningful and play an integral part in our ability to thrive as a whole. When we feel both free and satisfied in the realms of relationships, intimacy, and sex, we flourish in other areas of our lives—in our confidence, our flexibility, our purpose, our creative processes, our attunement to our own intuition…the list goes on and on.

We may have a natural ability to find deep satisfaction and fulfillment from sex and relationships, but sometimes, in the midst of the complex human experience, we disconnect. We disconnect from deeper intimacy. From our playfulness and innate sexiness. From spontaneity. From our passion and the joy we derive from intimate connection. Coaching can help to reconnect them, allowing you to thrive as a loving, connected, sexual being.

Relationship + intimacy coaching differs from therapy in that it is not intended to treat a mental health condition and does not focus heavily on the past. While there are many forms of coaching for relationship and intimacy issues, please note that at Atacama Counseling, coaching NEVER involves nudity, sexual touch, or sexual activity.

Some reasons people seek coaching for relationship and intimacy issues include:

–       Help with loving your body and feeling sexy just the way you are

–       Guidance in finding/reconnecting with the “spark” that keeps your relationship flourishing

–       Feeling more embodied in relationships and during sex (even with yourself!) and thus enjoying it to the fullest

–       Feeling more playful, exploratory, spontaneous, and creative with your partner, in and outside of the bedroom

–       Learning helpful communication skills with your partner so that both of your desires and needs can be met

–       Laughing and having more fun with your partner

–       Rediscovering sensuality in all areas of life

–      Learning to trust yourself in relationships

–      Uncovering “stuck points” in relationships or dating

–      Learning to embrace your relational self holistically

–      Guidance in mindfully navigating alternative lifestyles, such as polyamory, swinging, BDSM, and kink.

Relationship coaching can be done on the phone, over Skype, or in my office in Boulder.


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Rachael Uris, MA, LPC is the owner of Atacama Counseling, LLC, offering sex therapy as well as individual and couple's counseling for issues surrounding sexuality, love, and pregnancy. All services are located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, and are provided in English and Spanish.
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