Couples Therapy (EFT)

A relationship is the celebration of two unique beings with unique life experiences; it is the differences between two people that make a relationship rich, beautiful, and nourishing. Still, the understanding and embracing of each other’s differences takes an incredible amount of skill and

patience; it can be a life-long journey. Couples therapy is a tool to:

-help strengthen a couple’s ability to better understand and appreciate one another as unique individuals, as well as

-highlight the strength of the connection you share together.

Whether guidance is needed to work through immediate conflict or patterns ingrained in childhood, couples therapy can be an excellent way to help you heal and grow together.

I work with the modality of Emotionally-Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT), a therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson which helps foster loving connection and secure attachment between you and your partner.


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Rachael Uris, MA, LPC is the owner of Atacama Counseling, LLC, offering sex therapy as well as individual and couple's counseling for issues surrounding sexuality, love, and pregnancy. All services are located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, and are provided in English and Spanish.
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