What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?

While I draw from many different therapeutic theories and techniques (see my page on Individual Therapy for a list of a few), the heart of my training has been in the Contemplative Psychotherapy Tradition. Contemplative Psychotherapy abides by the following principles:

You, my client, are already sane, good, and full of the wisdom you need to heal. This brilliant sanity is like a vast sky and the bad habits and neuroses you face are like clouds. Clouds can cover up the sky, but the sky is always fundamentally there. I believe that like the sky, your wisdom and sanity can accommodate these passing ailments, no matter how overwhelming they feel in the moment. Contemplative Psychotherapy thus aims to help you connect with the inner wisdom and sanity you already have.

Having someone witness and feel your joys and pains with you is, in and of itself, one of the most healing aspects of therapy. As a Contemplative Psychotherapist, I offer you a safe space for us to explore the darkest and most difficult of your emotions together. You don’t have to do it alone.

-Contemplative Psychotherapy believes that though we cannot control our emotions, by making friends with them as they arise, we can find peace and maintain greater control over our lives. Part of my job is to be a guide in this process of embracing the colorfulness of the turbulent human heart, at a rate that is both gentle and challenging.

When discussing specific techniques in therapy, I always strive to create a therapeutic frame that fits you as an individual. Your personality, culture, beliefs, spirituality, and creativity are all invited to take part in the collaboration of creating a therapy experience that best nurtures your unique spirit.


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Rachael Uris, MA, LPC is the owner of Atacama Counseling, LLC, offering sex therapy as well as individual and couple's counseling for issues surrounding sexuality, love, and pregnancy. All services are located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, and are provided in English and Spanish.
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