A Mindfulness Meditation for Breastfeeding

Whether you feed your baby from your breast or from a bottle, you spend hours upon hours in stillness with your child. In these pauses from new baby chaos, you may be tempted to reach for your smartphone, turn on the TV, or otherwise zone out. All parents need a break, and it’s perfectly ok to do this! But it can also be rejuvenating to use this time to deepen your connection to your baby and to the present moment. I wrote this exercise to offer guidance in doing so.




Welcome to Atacama Counseling’s Mindfulness Meditation for Breastfeeding. Written and Recorded by Rachael Uris. Begin this exercise once your baby has latched, and you are settled and comfortable.

When you are ready, take a moment to close your eyes, and locate your breath. Notice how it is in this exact moment; is it shallow or deep? Rapid or slow? Just notice.

Now on your next inhale, draw your breath slowly in through your nose and into your belly for a count of four, and then exhale for a count of eight. Inhale…1, 2, 3, 4. Exhale…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Feel yourself exhaling fully, your lungs emptying completely. Continue this cycle, resting into its rhythm. Feel where the breath beneath your body is moving your baby, letting it rock her, like gentle ocean waves. Imagine your body as the soft sand of a beach upon which your child is resting, the air filling your lungs a gentle tide, peacefully washing over her, soothing any discomfort or agitation she may be feeling as a new being on this earth.

Rest here for a moment, bringing your attention fully to your breath and where it meets your baby. If at any point in this exercise, you notice your mind drifting away, gently and without self-aggression, bring your awareness back to this place, to your lungs as a rhythmic tide, rocking your baby gently. If, during this exercise, your baby becomes distracted or needs your attention, simply attend to her, letting the words of this exercise simply wash over you, and return to this practice again once you both have settled.

Now turn your awareness to your seat beneath you. Feel the parts of your legs, back, or sides that are supporting you and imagine them softening into the earth below. Allow the earth to hold you as you surrender into its strength. On your next exhale, relax completely, feeling gravity nestle you downwards, grounding you. As you hold your baby, feel the support of mother earth holding you, helping you in all of the strength and nurturance you are providing to your baby. Let your baby rest into you as you are resting into the earth. Feel into the power you possess to support her in this moment. In this moment, you are giving her life.

Rest your eyes on your baby as she feeds and admire this new, beautiful being. Let her into your awareness though all of your senses. As you watch her movements, open your ears to all of her noises: her breath, her swallows, any way she is moving against your skin or clothes. Notice her temperature against your body. Inhale deeply, smelling her soft head. Bring your attention to the sensations on your nipples, feeling the flow of milk through your body and into your baby’s. In this moment, you are offering her the perfect food—everything she needs to thrive. Just as when your baby was inside your womb, she continues to grow from you in this way. Breathe into the connection—the oneness—you share in this moment, the point of contact between your breast and her mouth, as powerful a bond as the umbilical cord you once shared.

Now, return to your breath like an ocean. Think for a moment about how your baby has nourished you in heart, mind, and spirit. Think of what she has taught you, and how she has caused you to grow as a human being. As you inhale, breathe in her offerings to you. As you exhale, imagine sending love to her through your milk. Inhale in appreciation. Exhale in offering. Continue this breath as you enjoy the rest of this special time together.


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